SRM | The Need For Directory
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The Need For Directory


A good numbers of persons may ask this question as why such a directory was needed. A number of Directories of this type have been appearing from time to time, so, what was the necessity of bringing out another Directory. It may also be asked as what is new or unique about the directory under reference. It may be mentioned here to satisfy the queries in this regard that this is the first time that a Directory of such a big number of people in ‘Sikhi sarup’ is being presented. In all earlier Directories, the focus was on Punjabies or Sikhs, both turbaned and others, but, in this Directory we are concerned with those valiant Sikhs who have won laurels in their respective fields by remaining in ‘Sikhi sarup’ and not compromising on this signifi cant aspect of a Sikh personality. Further, the Sikhs included in this Directory are supposed to posses minimum two qualities as mentioned in Gurbani and by Bhai Gurdas Ji in his Vars and Kabitts. These qualities include simplicity, humanity, humility knowledge, honesty, truthfulness, soft speech and a humanly sensitive attitude to help others, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and nationality. Another important thing about all these role-models listed herein, is that they have done or are doing something signifi cant for propagation of Sikh religion, Punjabi culture, Punjabi language and ethical values. Some of them might have done or are still doing some marvelous work in other fi elds for human welfare which has made the people in general and Sikhs in particular, proud of them. The list of role-models includes people from almost all walks of life, belonging to diff erent strata of society living at different places on the globe.