SRM | The Idea Of Directory
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The Idea Of Directory


One of the main objects of Kes Sambhal Parchar Sanstha relates to bringing unity and uniformity among the Sikhs. The Sanstha has been engaging itself in various programs with a view to achieve this laudable object. When, the Sanstha decided to get the Directories of the Sikh residents prepared for various areas of Delhi and got the first Directory of the Sikhs of Rajouri Garden area printed last year, it was a significant step in this direction only. In the meantime, I was thinking of revising my book ‘The Story of Valiant Sikhs’, the last edition of which was published ten years ago. When I discussed my project with honourable members of the Sanstha, a view was expressed by the members that my book should be given the shape of an international directory of renowned Sikhs. This view was welcomed and accepted by me and the members of the Sanstha in different units. Some people may think as why this compilation be called a Directory rather than a book. It is because its format is closer to a directory rather than a book. Whereas, in a book, there is a continuity of narration, a directory deals with the details of various persons separately. Our directory may not give contacts of various persons, but as per our motive, it provides useful information about them. Originally it was planned to bring out a directory of 1100 Sikh role-models in different spheres of life. However, considering the difficulty of collecting data for such a big number of persons and also the unmanageable size of the Directory with such a big number, of role-models was reduced from 1100 to 500 only. Similarly, as per the original plan, the Directory was to be released in November 2016 on the occasion of the Avtar purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but, when, it was realized that to complete this mission, some more time was required, it was fi nally decided to dedicate this project to the 350th birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and release the Directory in January/ February 2017. By grace of God, we have been able to accomplish this task and the Directory is being released accordingly.