SRM | Achievements, The Only Consideration
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Achievements, The Only Consideration


Some people may not like some of our role-models because of the one or the other reason. In this respect, it can only be said that if the reasons arise out of personal bias or prejudice or thinking or ideology or affinity to a particular group, party or organization, we can only assure that while making selection we have not taken any of these factors into account. We have selected people without considering their group or party, as we believe that all the people, being the sons and daughters of one God, cannot be discriminated on any such ground. Th e message of universal brotherhood as given by our Gurus applies to all and as such includes the Sikhs also. For us, all the Sikhs belong to one fraternity. However, as per our criteria, only those Sikhs could be included among the role-models who have faith only in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and not in any other deity or living persons. If we have included any Sikh about whom we could not know some hidden aspects of his character or personality, that should be treated as a genuine mistake, because, in the present day world, it is a difficult to know the inside characteristics of a particular person. Many a times, even the parents fail to understand the true character and behavior of their children. Some people may also find fault like trimming of beard or not following the requirements of an Amritdhari Sikh. For that we can only say that we have tried our best not to consider such persons with such like violations. However, if some persons of this type have been included by mistake, it may be mainly because of their marvelous achievements or the name and fame which he or she has won. In that case and in all other cases of genuine mistake in including the names for the role-models, we only wish and pray to God that such persons included herein will improve their looks and actions in near future in such a way that they justify our selection. Waheguru Ji is ‘bakshanhar’ and He always pardons us for our wrong doings if we approach Him with compunction. We are sure that if our role-models have done wonderful things in life, they will never fail to look and behave like excellent Sikhs as envisaged by our Gurus.
Before closing, it may also be made clear that we have included in our list of role-models only the living persons, but, all those persons who have played a vital role in shaping the Sikh history have been remembered in our introduction to various categories of people. We are really grateful to all those persons who have helped us in the preparation of this Directory in any manner, be it collecting data, compiling the profiles or rendering any other useful service in this regard. The prospective readers and users of this directory are requested to ignore our mistakes and appreciate the spirit with which the Directory has been prepared and presented.